What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a solutions based approach to psychotherapy. The way we think about the meaning of an experience has a profound affect on how we feel. Negative ways of thinking are generated by unhappy feelings depression, anxiety, anger,frustration, and despair. The negative thoughts intensify these feelings, which in turn, triggers more negative feelings, leading to a downward spiral of emotional pain with seemingly no way out. CBT targets those negative thoughts, helping you learn how to question them. The questions help you figure out whether the way you are thinking makes any sense. If it doesn't, you can consider other ways of interpreting the meaning of your experience. Those other ways are based on fact not fear. ​

Sometimes, when you ask the questions, you discover that there is a reason for the fear, something is wrong. When that happens, we use what you learned from answering the questions to figure out how to face the problem and find solutions you think will work for you. Then you try them out and see what happens like doing an experiment. This gives us a chance to see what is really going to work for you and what doesn't and we keep doing it until we craft a solution that you think will effectively resolve the problem that you face. 

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​Specialist in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, Training in Executive Functioning Skills, Coaching for Individuals with ADHD, Counseling for Overcoming the Habit of Procrastination, Counseling for Overcoming Writer's Block, Treatment for Anxiety and Depression, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Treatment.

Susan J. Snapp  LCSW